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Hi, I am Barbara Sturdivant, a resident of Blaine for over 15 years. I am running for Blaine City Council. I intend to provide leadership guided by the people’s voice, listen to common sense, establish a safe community, and promote economic prosperity.


As a grandmother of 14 beautiful children, I understand the needs of a family. Blaine is a charming city accommodating many families, and as a leader of our community, I will preserve, advocate, and embrace family values. As a member of Blaine City Council, I will be committed to providing leadership guided by the people’s voice, listening to common sense, establishing a safe community, and promoting economic prosperity.

Barb's Family


My dear friends and neighbors, in our current political environment, I am motivated to serve the community I love and call home. As a leader within the Blaine City Council, I intend to contribute a new and promising perspective.

Being the grandmother of 14 amazing grandchildren, I understand the great responsibility of our leaders to preserve and improve our community for the benefit of younger generations. I am devoted to providing our youth with opportunity and success.

The most effective, responsible, and responsive government is the government closest to the people. As a leader within the Blaine City Council, I intend to thoughtfully listen to and respect the requests of Blaine community members.

With your support, we are capable of collaborating to strengthen the Blaine economy, maintain thehistoric nature of our city, and preserve the charm of our special community; I am committed to serving our beautiful home, the City of Blaine!


Elected Experience:
● Secretary of Members Advisory Board at Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club
● President of Boundary Ridge Home Owners Association

Other Professional Experience:
● Retired RN working as a clinical nurse for 25 years
● 14 year career in drug development with Amgen
● International clinical trial research in oncology with a company out of Edinburgh Scotland

● BA degree in History from Southern Methodist University in Texas
● BS degree in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University
● Master’s Degree in Business from Pepperdine University in California

Community Service:
● Several Board positions at Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club
● President of Boundary Ridge Homeowners Association
● Volunteer work at Christ the King Church in Bellingham
● Support work with the ‘We Will’ initiative in Whatcom County assisting businesses to remain open during COVID-19 pandemic
● Initiated food delivery service from Great Blue Heron to Semiahmoo “lock-in’s” during COVID-19 pandemic


Your financial support will help us get our message out.
Thank you for your support and vote!


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